VW GTI Test Drive

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Just a little film you can enjoy while waiting for the full review.
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  1. A bright red exterior, with an interior sporting old-fashioned PLAID seats??

    I realize everyone has their own taste. But this strikes me as beyond hideous.

  2. The plaid fabric is a signature design that is derivative of the original GTI. Each generation has some version of this. I've had three GTI's, each with the plaid. I personally think it's very cool. There are more conservative options, which is good because the general masses don't seem to like it.

  3. the plaid seats are GTi tradition, an homage to an immediately recognizable feature of the the first one which came out in 1976.

    Vince: please be sure to comment on ride quality.

  4. I love the Plaid seats. They reek of taste in person. A lot classier than the simulated mouse-fuzz in Korean and Japanese wanabees.

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