2013 Acura RDX

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Sure, it looks different.
But pretty much more of the same also.

Acura really needs a hit with the RDX. The current one is pretty much a flop. From these pictures, it looks like the new one uses most of the same recipe, with a “same but different” design.
Not sure it’s enough…

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  1. The current design is average. But, where it lacks is quality of ride. Like the TSX you constantly rock back and forth on your seat. And the turbo engine really feels and sounds like a rough 4, without the benefits of good MPG.

  2. As an Acura owner myself, I am waiting for them to drop this stupid beak-grill design. The interior of this RDX looks like a cheap Mazda!

  3. I think this is looking pretty good!

    I always loved the RDX and especially SH-AWD, I just didn't love the mileage.

    My top 3 favorites:

    1. RDX
    2. GLK
    3. XC60

    I don't like ANY of the rest, at all.

  4. Crap, the beak is still present, but at least it sank more into the grill now. The grill surround itself is much better this time around. Everything else? More of the same. I hope the TL and Accord aren't.

  5. This will get a V6 and fuel economy would still be better than current turbo according to Honda.

    Otherwise I agree nothing really new. The RDX is basically now a mini MDX and interior changes look very evolutionary as well.

    Not fond of beak either:-(.

  6. Dash is a cluttered mess. Rest looks pretty generic. If the ride is still worse than an Equinox or Patriot; I doubt they'll have many takers.

  7. looks like they spent some money modifying the rear end (current one's rear overhanging the crv's rear track limitation, giving it the froopy look…)

  8. The current one looks stupid and thats why it doesn't sell. People paying big money for Acura tend not to like stupid looking. I am sure this one will look more adult and they really need to get rid of that awful turbo motor!

  9. I have high hopes for this compact, "luxury" SUV, but if these pics are right, then it make the new Cr-V look like a work of art.

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