2013 Acura RDX

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Just when you though the RDX couldn’t get more boring, they come up with this.
Which, to me, looks even older and less original than the current design.

It is like if they are trying very hard to not sell any…

The 4 Cylinder Turbo has been replace by the 3.5 Liter V6 used in pretty much every other Acura models.Which now actually gets better MPG numbers than the smaller engine.
Besides this, there is really no news here.

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  1. Agreed. Boring and unoriginal.

    I see a lot of Chevy Equinox below the beltline and in the A-pillar shape–with a touch of Lexus Rx in the rear C-pillar. As for the interior, it may have more soft touch surfaces than the CR-V, but it certainly doesn't look like a class above.

    The old RDX was supposed to look sporty. This one looks like a mommy mobile designed to take sales from Lexus.

    I was looking forward to the new RDX, but on looks alone, I'll pass.

  2. I thin they made this to compete directly with the Lexus RX350 – basically trying to get the middle aged, female empty Nester.

  3. Subarus are more exciting than this. How is this luxury? Old and dated. They should admit the beak is awful and just 86 it ASAP. Let it be a bad memory.

  4. Absolutely looks a million times better. Absolutely looks likes the Lexus rx which isn't great but better then the current rdx

  5. Where do I start??
    I am frustrated with Acura. This thing is nothing, but a tone down from the previous model.
    Every one step up their game, but Acura decided to step back. The first one took some sales away from the X3, but the sales this one is taking away is from the fugly Crosstour.

  6. Are they calling this thing a concept? It looks like it was on the road at least 5 years ago. This thing will not turn many heads.

  7. Vince, I think this looks pretty darn good.

    I don't know where all the hate comes from. It looks exactly like a smaller MDX. I can see some RX350 in the greenhouse though.

  8. I've been looking for a new vehicle and holding off because I wanted to see the RDX before I made a decision (needing AWD here in the winter). This wont do it and it tells me to look outside the Honda family after over 20 yrs of purchases with both Honda/Acura. I really thought I was looking at a Lexus RX350, and that's no compliment. Duller, longer, more common than before. So much about them tells me they're no longer the company for my purchases… and makes me question their decision makers and designers.

  9. I read the comment above "Subarus are more exciting than this. How is this luxury? Old and dated." And this described my impression right off. I dont even think its the beak, but the entire approach (todays approach, yesterdays approach, whatever tomorrows will be) that tells me their corporate people are incompetent in that they'd allow/direct this to happen. When this next wave fails to excite buyers, what then….??? The comment made during the presentation, 'that this is no boy racer' tells us a lot. They specifically dont want sporty car customers, even in the sense that the gen 1 RDX was sporty. This is officially an also-ran brand having no identity of their own, nothing special to compete, and will soon be gobbled up by the current forces in the auto industry. Prepare yourselves for mediocrity and possible unemployment Acura/Honda. For efforts like this, you deserve it. I'll be laughing as I pass your lots and taking my dollars elsewhere.

  10. The current one looks like a stupid child designed it. This looks much better but you see the same childish crap like wheel arch lines..But they actually almost work here.

  11. Exterior – If you're looking for something tried and true in design, I guess this is your new ride. I just don't see this looking like a luxury or near-luxury vehicle. It could have any nameplate on it really, like Toyota or Hyundai. So I don't think thats a step forward considering its an Acura.

    Interior – doesn't say luxurious at all. More Honda crazy dash forms, but stealing the Ford alien look center-stack? Porsche has beautiful simple luxurious looking interiors, and so does Infiniti – any of those interior design directions Acura could duplicate for their price point in this model and have a real feel of quality. I don't understand how Acura sees this mess as a way to future success. And I dont understand how this great company got so far off track?

  12. Looks better than the current version, but it is still an awkward and unappealing design. Definitely a "miss" for Acura.

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