2013 Buick Encore

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This actually seems very nice.
Not sure if looks or seems like a Buick though.
It could just be a bit too small.

Powered by GM’s 1.4 Liter Turbo. (Which seems to be found in everything these days…)

We won’t be seeing this for a while as it is expected to reach dealers in “the 1st quarter of 2013”.

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  1. I love it and think it's the right vehicle for Buick. Buick gets to take the lead instead of follow. Buick is targeting the X1 which isn't in this market, yet. It's smaller then the Audi Q5 but bigger then umm…a Smart Car. Think a taller Nissan Juke but with better standard equipment and fit n' finish.
    I think this will hit the target market that Buick is chasing. The only problem that I can see is getting people into a Buick dealership. For most young-ish people they might not know of any local Buick dealership. Honda, Toyota and BMW yeah but what's a Buick. Hopefully a great ad campaign will be launched for Buick in the next 6 months or so.

  2. The exterior measurement and interior room make this smaller than a Toyota Matrix. It's not a crossover SUV, it's a tall small car with a hatch.

    The Verano's beautiful interior is also missing. Is Buick back to putting fake wood on the doors and dash…. Must be. That's sad, it won't appeal to the younger generation.

  3. Very Saturn like. It's not as bad as I assumed it would be. Though it does look like it was in the dryer for way too long

  4. Why on earth would Gm display a vehicle a year in advance? I suppose it's better than when they displayed the camaro how many years in advance?

  5. Cute, but a design catering to youngsters for a brand they probably cannot afford. Lets see what the pricing is.

  6. Ladies and Gents – the 2013 Saturn Vue….distractors of this statement need to understand where Buick gets the Regal – and where Saturn got the Vue…

  7. Holy fake woodgrain, this thing is the size of a chihuahua. That is the most feeble center armrest that I've seen in a long time. The rear end design is way too conventional. Very Saturn Vue.

  8. Do senior citizens want a car like this? Because why would any younger person want or even be aware of a Buick?

  9. So…Buick's utility vehicle lineup will basically consist of the fullsize Enclave and this subcompact Encore. Is there going to be anything in between? Should Buick be going this small this fast? I really don't know.

    I think the front end is nice looking except for the black plastic elements directly below the headlights. The rear looks okay except for the blobby and awkward looking taillights. The interior is okay except for the absence of a proper armrest (the pathetic minivan looking one just doesn't cut it). This vehicle looks like it may be an unfortunate and mediocre compromise for the brand.

  10. This design might appeal to old people.
    It is a risky move that only a company that feeds off the taxpayer could do.

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