2013 Chevrolet Cruze

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The Cruze is getting a very slight “facelift” for the next year.
As you can see on the top picture.
The bigger news for us will be the Diesel version. And maybe the availability of the hatchback version.
A wagon is also supposed to come out soon for other markets.

Sedan, hatch and diesel will surely help the Cruze become even more popular in the US.

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  1. Looks extra pointy. I can't say it's a typical GM exterior refresh, because those don't really exist. It seems they decided to keep the same headlights. Chrysler and Ford know how to properly do a refresh (with the exception of a few vehicles), GM is still struggling it seems. I'm sure the tail lights and rear bumpers will be identical.

  2. Seems like an improvement. The current grille is plasticky and doesn't remotely look like metal mesh that it's supposed to.

  3. If the diesel rumor is true, the grille looks like it will allow more airflow which diesels usually need.

  4. THey made it goofy looking to appeal to younger twits. They need to get rid of that stupid little turbo engine as well.

  5. Was it take-your-14-year-old-boy-to-work day when they designed this? They might want to put a proper engine in it instead.

  6. So when the Diesel finally debuts, will IT be the Eco model at that point? Or will they have a Gas Eco and Separate Diesel Eco?

  7. The current one still looks good, by the lines in the grille and the shapes of the fog lights it seems that there´s an asian taste in it, maybe this is just for the Chinese market, I guess….

  8. The current Cruze needs a new rear. It looked outdated from the begining.

    The front is not so bad but could be more aggressive (like Elantra and Focus).

  9. Small changes up front are an improvement–far richer looking, but overall Cruze styling is so safe that it borders on being a Toyota. This is a good car at a good value, but it's invisible looking.

    But hey–they're selling like hotcakes (at least for now.)

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