2013 Lincoln MKZ teaser

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A day after the new Fusion, we will get to see its cousin from Lincoln.

But this is still basically the same car. Almost nobody can really pull it off these days. Except maybe Lexus with the ES. Which is closely related to the Camry, but has also been a constant success for the luxury brand.

We’ll see if the new Lincoln will be good enough to command a premium over the all new Fusion.

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  1. Oh please, anybody with half a brain can tell the ES350 & the Camry are closely related. How do you know this is basically the same car as the Fusion? Have you actually seen or driven this car? I doubt that you have.

  2. I like what I see so far!

    I've always loved Lincoln, and I really wish them well. I'll never in my life purchase a GM product so Cadillac is out for me.


  3. This car better look (inside and out) like the greatest thing since sliced bread or it will be perceived as just a gussied-up Fusion–whether it is or not.

  4. I've always liked the MKZ *on paper*. The feature package is unmatched for the price. But it's so odd looking in person. Let's hope they toned down the grill a bit.

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