2013 Mazda6

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Still looks like an illustration based off the recent sedan concept.
Which is probably very close to the real thing anyway.

Not sure if it’s enough, really. Many people were pretty exited when the current 6 came out.
I test drove one for a week and thought it was a great car.
But not many people ended up buying it.

This next one also looks nice. But not really better than some of the competition.
Unless their new Skyactiv technology can produce miraculous MPG numbers, I am afraid this will be just another sedan lost in the shuffle.

They also need to spend some serious advertising money.

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  1. I could be wrong, but the mid size segment is focusing on comfort and not zoom zoom. And the current one was not as exciting as the promised concept. Of course, Europe gets the better looking ones. And advertising wise, they have put a lot emphasis on younglins…..

  2. I think it looks beautiful.

    Much more restrained than the Sonata, and more interesting than the Accord, Camry, and Malibu.

  3. Does style really matter for Mazda when their overall image is basically invisible. Here, as with the new Mazda C-5 it looks as though a big grill and some swoopy side cuts are supposed to save the day. They won't. Mazda need to hire some designers who can be truly original without looking ungainly.

    But here's the good news for Mazda fans–dealer discounting will probably have to remain unabated. Good news for buyers, bad for Mazda and its dealers.

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