2013 Nissan Pathfinder

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Nissan is still calling this a “Concept”. Just like they did with the Infiniti JX a few months ago.
And just like the JX, this is pretty much what we will see in showrooms in a few months. It’s not really a concept.

It uses the same platform and powertrain as the Infiniti. So expect a CVT with the 3.5 Liter V6.

It looks just fine, but has nothing of a “Pathfinder” in the design…

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  1. Looks a million times better then the current. Thank god Nissan is improving the styling. The side view does have a Durango look to it. As far as calling it a concept, I believe this is car companies new way of putting the car out there, getting feedback and being able to make last minute changes without saying, "Ohhh!". The car does look absolutely production ready

  2. Okay.

    Looks like they massaged a Chevy Traverse. But how many different ways can you design the basic CUV?

  3. Looks bland, boring, and uninspired (Basically a lesson on how to wash the Infinity off the JX), but at least you can see out of it from every angle and it ISN'T ugly!

    – FusioptimaSX

  4. WOW! Another run of the mill SUV/Crossover design.

    But on a positive note, at least it's not totally weird like other Nissan designs as of late.

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