2013 Nissan Rogue?

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Not sure this is the real thing yet.
But the Rogue is due for a redesign next year. Competing with the all new CRV and the next RAV-4.

It will probably use the same Turbo engine as the next Altima. And maybe the same new Hybrid powertrain as an option.
This would also means an all new Qashqai in Europe.

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  1. Oh god no. I hope not.

    Looking thru Nissan's portfolio, this thing doesn't go well with any of their design language. Also, with the beauty that is the Pathfinder concept, I think the Rogue+Qashqai would look closer to that.
    I just wish Nissan UK won't mess up its Cash cow (pun intended). It's currently the best selling asian vehicle there. And replacing it with this, it won't help no nothing.

  2. This looks about rite seeing the new teasers for the Nissan pathfinder. Def a huge improvement over the two current models

  3. The name Rogue…
    In the 1960's there was a Rambler (AMC) Rebel Rogue…
    Renault bought AMC but then Chrysler bought out Renault's AMC to get Jeep and then the (Renault)Nissan Rogue…
    A very complicated way to secure the name for a rather bland vehicle vs a complete coincidence and a trademark that has expired ?

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