2013/14 Infiniti G Coupe

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We all know the G is the next Infiniti due for a redesign.
And it should be taking some cues from recent concepts.

Which might or might not be a good thing…

We’ll see next year if the real car is going to look like this or not.
It wouldn’t be too bad if it did…

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  1. Vince, is this a real car or Photoshop work? It looks like a spy shot of a real brochure. If that's that case, this new G coupe is gorgeous!!!

  2. This is the first car where this grill looks good. It looks amazing actually. I agree with the 2nd post, there is some Maserati flavor going on here. And that's just fine.

  3. Whatever they do, they should add storage, reduce road noise, and use plastics that are more durable Other than these items, the current car is almost perfect. This new look has been going around for some time anyway. Oh and something else; the 17" base wheels make the car look meek and that causes confusion to youngsters when they are left in the dust trying to race it with their daddy's A4 or C350…

  4. the grill's outline is okay but there are visual tricks in design to "thin" out this design and make it look thinner and less obese. The impressions around it on the lower half of the bumper amplify this even more. Everything else is fine.

  5. The headlights are the only thing that don't work for me. The angular lines don't mesh well with the much curvier body.

    Judgement reserved until I can see more…….

  6. very sexy car, has always been a great competitor and I feel a better value than some. This does look very appealing and anything that leans towards a Maserati in style will win.

  7. This photo doesn't look too bad, BUT Infiniti has been using way too many curves on they're designs. There should be an even mix of straight lines and curves

  8. The gaping fish mouth grill certainly looks acceptable here, whereas it looks terrible on the new Lexus GS.
    The hood/fenders/headlights do look inspired by the Maserati coupe. Not a bad thing to rip off since most people will never one.

  9. This will appeal to the boy racer twit but living at home with mommy doesn't pay enough to be able to afford it.

    I dont think little boy racer will ever have the money to buy one of these. They need to stick to the Civic with fartcan exhaust.

  10. Sorry, but the new G sedan won't even be out in 5 months.
    And the coupe will come a year later.

    Maybe you could check out the Genesis coupe. Or CTS coupe.
    Or go German with an A5 or C Class coupe?

  11. Picked up a 2012 G37S 6MT today – represents a number of subtle refinements over my '09. This a great car, real fun to drive.

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