2013/14 Renault 5?

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Renault seems to be getting an all new version of the old Renault 5 , or LeCar as it was known here, ready soon.
They might even show a concept version this fall.
The new model would be based on the next generation Clio, due out next year.

It would obviously compete with other retro futuristic designs like the Mini, 500 and Beetle.
Why not? It seems to be working great for the other guys.

Another car we will never see as Renault has announced a few days ago they are not planning a return to the US.

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  1. In 1989 I drove all over France in a Renault 5. It was a total blast and the perfect size for three of us and our duffel bags. The US is finally getting some great small cars that are fun and good looking. As people get more and more accustomed to the idea of upscale small cars, this could work here.

  2. Range Rover…really? This is clearly derived from the LeCar (or the '5', the Cinq…pronounced "sank" in France). It was completely original in the 70's, and still is very much its own look. This would be a great rival if done well to the litany of dull, small VW's we've seen lately.

  3. Renault builds a very reliable and popular automobile for all of the world except here. A main reason for their success is their relationship with worldclass automotive giant Nissan. Renault had a bad rap here because of poorly made "american built" cars. They are enjoying a reputation for building great cars .

  4. Renault is a hi tech, hi end company all on its own…check the engine of the last 2 F1 world champs and around 5-6 more in the prior 15 years…
    How about an R5 Turbo 3 ?
    Sine Renault announced no plans for the US, our only hope is Nissan/Infinity to bring over their cars.
    Alpine, anyone ?

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