2013/14 Toyota Corolla?

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This actually would be a huge improvement over the current generation.
Even using small design cues from the GT 86 sports car.

Not futuristic by any means, but it doesn’t need to. The Corolla still has one of the best image in the business. And Toyota still sells tons of the current, outdated version.
Over 240 000 units last year in the US alone. More than newer models like the Focus, Cruze, Jetta and Civic.
So they don’t really need to go crazy with the next one.

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  1. I would think you of all people would have noticed the huge space between the doors and front wheels, which implies this is a RWD sedan. Toyota was rumored years ago to be developing a RWD compact sedan, essentially a 4-door Celica or Supra, that eventually became the Lexus IS. But I wouldn't complain if this turns out to be a 4-door version of the GT 86 that undercuts the IS by several thousand bucks.

  2. Looks like a photoshop of the new 3-series with some new Astra cues for good measure. Having seen the new Camry which was hyped as more "exiting" this likely is no indication of the next Corolla.

  3. Wow, imagine a coupe and hatch version of this! And I do mean a Corolla hatch, not a damn Matrix!

  4. Well, at least it appears that the next Corolla will be on par with the last generation Mazda 3. A huge improvement.

  5. I see lots of Mazda and BMW elements in this rendering. Of course, the faux-BMW look was a huge improvement on the old Tercel.

  6. I agree with Gabe. But if this is close to the real thing, it will be a huge leap forward. However, seeing what Toyota's designers have been doing lately, I image the next version will simply be a shrunken-looking Camry.

  7. I see BMW 3-series influence more than anything else. Great styling doesn't cost anymore than bad styling, so why not. Hyundai/Kia plays that game to sell cars and it works.

  8. I see a wee bit of Dodge Dart in the front. Definite 3 series side profile though. Either way, we can only hope that it looks anywhere near this good.

    – FusioptimaSX

  9. Here's the thing: Toyota will still make it the stripper car with barebones features, ripe for rental lots and SamsClub shopping centers everywhere. And you can GUARANTEE it will be on the same tired chassis and wheelbase as the last 3 generations of "new" Corolla have been. Toyota is a master of wringing every bit out of a car… and unfortunately any worthwhile character as well. This 'preview' could look like a Ferrari, but we'll get just another tacky Toyota (when the real metal debuts) instead. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

  10. I think Toyota will be fairly conservative on the design of the car, which makes sense, given their customer base. I used to drive an early ('03 or '04) version of the current generation car. It was reliable and economical. Where it could have used improvement was in the handling (wheel skip in turns), sound insulation and road isolation.

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