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This seems to be a replacement for the TSX.
Even though it is based on the Civic platform instead of the Euro Accord.
A 2.0 Liter engine is standard, and a 2.4 Liter is an option.
A new 1.5 Liter Hybrid model will also be available.

Looks like its main competition would be the new Buick Verano.

More soon, the official production model should be out in the spring.

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  1. Me like. 2012 Honda civic was made ugly on purpose to get people into this. Make mine the 2.4 with 6speed manual please.

  2. A Honda front end grafted onto a Lexus IS c pillar with a touch of the Acura RL in the rear.

    As for the swoopy line, I'll wait to see it in person, but the side of the car definitely has too much going on.

    I think we all better buy a TSX while there's still time.

  3. Interesting. Better looking than a Civic, but still looks generic. Almost as if they wanted to mesh a Camry and IS together on purpose. Honda, you so funny…

  4. Very nice from the rear. Never going to get used to the front beak. These wheels look like cheap aftermarkets, but I'm sure there will be other options. Honestly though, this still isn't worthy of a luxury badge. It should be the Civic.

  5. The front kills it.

    The front bumper is livable, but the way the headlights seat and that amber corners just don't go. Maybe, in the 90s not now. And this is supposed to be something to wow people?? I hope it flaps big time so Honda can learn to hire some real designers.

  6. This is much better than I thought it would be. As the current owner of an 04 TSX this is definitely something I will check out at the auto show this weekend…and the NSX concept of course.

  7. Are they stealing Lexus IS C-pillar on the back?? Lexus, you better make next IS more appealing than this boring Acura that stole your 10-year old design!

  8. This is better than what they currently have on four wheels. Seems like Honda/Acura is starting to clean up their designs.

    Everything looks good except for in the rear deck. Too short and snubby and drops off way too abruptly. Other than that, the rest of the car looks great.

  9. I think it looks pretty darn good honestly. MUCH better than the Civic, and I even like the beak on this version.

    To the person above, the Verano isn't a nice vehicle at all.

  10. Proof once again that Acura and Honda dont have any skill in design from the bumper line down. This will be a decent addition, but NO multi-link front? Are they serious? Low expectations make cars like these. That should be Acura and Honda of North America's new motto.

  11. I like it. Much better than the current one. And the RDX is definitely an improvement, except for the beak(..sigh)

  12. Not sure what to think of this.. slightly original styling, but ruined by the Civic wheelwells and lower body and the horrid Acura grille. But the biggest problem is the name.. if you're going to start it with an "I", you might as well just call it Integra LX.

  13. This isn't worthy of the Integra heritage. More on the order of a redux for the sad Civic to return that car to the level of design in the Gen8. But this doesnt suffice for Acura or bring back the original beautiful gen1 TSX look in any way. Honda's US designs all say "big and trashy", "we-stole-Lexus's-sorry-old-IS-design". I wish I could say this is 2002 quality, but their designs then were much better than what we see currently, even in these ILX and RDX redesigns. "Honda is back"… to the same old c**p as the last pathetic 5 years.

  14. I like it, although I see too much 2nd gen Lexus IS in the C-pillar/rear door design. It's the best looking Acura sedan since the last gen TL. None of Acura's current sedans come close to being appealing or attractive.

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