BMW 8 series?

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No, not really.

Just a rendering from Turkish industrial designer Ismet Cevik.
But an interesting idea.

Except for the giant chrome wheels that is…

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  1. Looks too much like a Continental with that rear wheel arch design. BMW has never really been able to pull off big coupes, the last 8-series was a duck. Sign me up when BMW builds a light, RWD, relatively inexpensive three-box with a manual transmission. Nobody else in the luxury segment is doing it right now!

  2. I am not really surprised that the idea came from someone from Turkey, since most BMWs in Germany seems to be driven by Turkish guys. Maybe that is just a personal impression. The bigger the car, the bigger the prestige that comes along; which in the end leads to an idea like to one of a BMW 8… A nice car, I have to admit.

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