Chevrolet Corvette test drive coming up

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That’s right.
I have a corvette hardtop for a week and will be reporting on it soon.
So feel free to ask me anything about it…

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  1. I have a question!

    Why do you keep testing cars no one gives two hoots about? Is it because the PR departments of major automakers give paltry car "journalists" like yourself absolute dead last priority?

  2. Let me guess what the review is going to be like.
    -The interior is much improved, but still not up to par.
    – The seats are awful and flimsy.
    – The engine is amazing
    – That in spite of the glaring cheapness, you get why people love it.

  3. Thanks for FINALLY testing a car that I might actually WANT to buy! A fine automobile thats interresting, exciting, and something to "shoot for". (Instead of all these mundane hatches that so many of masses have to "settle for".) THANKS! After all, Variety is the SPICE of LIFE!!!

  4. Well, does the car make you want a stick or automatic? And does it have that "mid life crisis toy" feel?

  5. Are there any creaks and rattles in the chassis and interior? My experience with even fairly new Corvettes is that rattles are quick to develop. How do you feel about the lack of refinement?

  6. So far;
    .Seats are no flimsy. The whole thing is very solid.
    .Feels more like a muscle car. So maybe not as refined as others, but makes it up in personality.
    .Drove an automatic last year, this one is a stick.
    Both feel really good. A matter of personal preference.
    .Mid life crisis feel: 100%

    A great guilty pleasure feel

  7. I can't wait to see how GM ruins this car for the next Genration. The current Corvette is the best Generation EVER so far in it's history.

  8. Anon 10:03… I really don't know how you can say that. The Corvette is a great car, but is suffers from some serious bean counting. Even the "Corvette" on the hollow rear bumper flexes with the slightest finger press. The interior design and quality (or lack thereof) is legendary.

  9. People should ONLY critique a car if they can afford to own and drive it. So, if you drive a Camry, critique an Accord, Malibu, Fusion, Altima, Sonata, and leave the nit-picking to the people who drive them or can afford to own them. I get so tired of people belittling cars they can only dream of owning, or drool as one passes them by on the road while they are driving their 4-cyclinder appliance. Give it a break.

    So, my question is – how many people on this forum complaining about the Corvette can actually AFFORD to own one.

  10. "So, my question is – how many people on this forum complaining about the Corvette can actually AFFORD to own one."

    I can easily afford a Corvette. And those who can't are perfectly entitled to comment on it too. I can't afford a Bentley or a Bugatti, and I'll comment on them anyway.

    The reality is that the Corvette a good car mechanically, but not good enough in other ways to be considered world class. If that's unpleasant for you to hear, that's your problem.

  11. @anon 1:02

    " Even the "Corvette" on the hollow rear bumper flexes with the slightest finger press."

    You are talking about the prior generation Corvette as the current generation does not have Corvette on the rear bumper. And the prior generation flexes because it needs to for impact resistance tests required by the government. It does not really reflect quality or lack thereof – just your preference for rigidity apparently.

    "The interior design and quality (or lack thereof) is legendary."

    Compared to what? Want to compare that interior to a Civic and see where we end up?

    Or how about to a car with similar performance characteristics for the same price? Oh thats right, there isn't one!

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