Fiat’s version of the Dodge Dart

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Fiat is apparently getting serious about the Chinese market with its own version of the Dart.
Chinese press reports it will feature a 1.4 Liter engine and a dual clutch transmission.

This car looks to be a very important model for Fiat/Chrysler around the world.

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  1. The profile is vaguely Neon-esque, and exactly the direction they should take the compact Dodge. Hope it does as well in Europe and China!

  2. looks likes it should be the 3rd gen NEON. Dodge NEVER should have built the Caliber (horrible, plasticky thing)

  3. I had no idea how a Fiat based on a Dodge could look like, but this seems very convincing to me. The front end and the alloys really make this look like a Fiat. But who buys a car that size from Fiat – at least in Europe? Maybe this works as a late replacement for the Marea.

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