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Still looking like a bit of a concept to me. Lights etc..
Otherwise, it seems almost ready to go.

It is based on the Fiesta, so we might even see it over here sometime.
Looking like a small Escape.

Power comes from a new 1.0 Liter three cylinder with 120hp.
Seems like enough power, but I wonder how smooth this feels or sounds.

Another option is a 1.5 Liter used in the Fiesta. (Probably what we would be getting if this makes it in the US)

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  1. Very cool looking. I really like the style of the Escape and this. It will need at least a 4cyl engine with much more than 120hp. I've never been in a 3-banger that didn't feel like it was full of marbles after 30,000 miles. Of course, I'm thinking back to the old Suzuki Swift.

    The headlamps would have to go, unless Ford is thinking about offering LED headlamps. Which would be very cool actually. And it would leapfrog everyone else.

  2. Get rid of that damn tire on the hatch door and lower the sucker ….it is way too high off the ground for CUV !

  3. This looks like a melted-down, squared-up version of the new Escape. Yuckkkkkkkk… Ford's overall design language may be there, but it's gone horribly wrong.

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