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Just like last time, they are actually showing us the production version of the car early.
Adding a few chrome bits here and there and calling it a concept.

Looks like they were afraid to redesign it. And mostly added some character lines.
Let’s hope they changed the sedan a bit more. (Make that a lot more…)
They claim the sedan will be smaller than the outgoing model.

For 2013 the new base engine will be a 2.4 Liter with direct injection and 181hp.
A 6 speed manual will still be offered, while the automatic will now be a CVT.

A V6 will still be an option. Which will soon be an oddity for a mis sized sedan. (The Camry seems to be the only other one offering a V6 option)

And a Hybrid version will return. Now a plug-in type matted with a 2.0 Liter engine and capable of 10 to 15 miles of electric driving alone.
Not bad at all, if they can keep the price down.

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  1. Sorry Vince, I don't like it. Too chezzy looking.
    I drove the new CRV last week and it is so boring, feels heavy and slow respond. I'm looking for a new ride and I'm narrowed down to the Sonata and the Optima. I think I'll go with the Optima.
    Honda and Toyo are loosing big time, they used to rely on their reliability. Their vehicles are so boring and expensive. Hyundai and Kia (same company) just took over. Look at the new RDX you posted the other day, looks blah too. They even killed the Civic, a Honda manager told me that they will revised it next year due to poor sales. Vince, keep up the good work.

  2. The Current coupe is hard to beat on looks, its simplt gorgeous. An eveolution of it's current look is what I was expecting and that is what this is. NOW…the Interior has to be a major improvement. The current Accord Interior is a total overwrought disasterous mess.

  3. Another bland car by Honda. What gives?

    This car would be a good candidate for hatchback option… Car is losing its appeal since one can rarely buy one of these cars over 28K grand. Way too expensive.

    Good luck Honda … you will need it down the road !!!

  4. A swoop here and there does not make the overall car a NEW Honda. It didn't work with Civic and I don't think it will for the Accord–especially in light of the new competition from the Fusion, Optima, Sonata etc.

  5. I think it looks better than the current model, especially at the rear: less bulbous, a little better resolved and more elegant. Nice massing and window area, not so wedgy.
    Unfortunately, not very different from the one we already have.

  6. One thing is to say it looks very close to the current model, but to call this boring or bland.. whatever.

    The current is one of Honda best looking models, and this is actually more refined and elegant.


  7. When they said smaller, they meant 6 inches shorter – thats trimming the overhangs marginally – they were huge and are still quite long.

    If Honda thinks this kind of refresh is sufficient for the Accord Sedan, well.. wow, they're in for another huge blow to their egos. Honda's managers clearly need to be replaced with a Lutz or Mullaly, instead of the nodding yes-men sales people that have infiltrated the Torrance facilities top ranks.

  8. I find this successful for one reason, the design of the front end is what we should have gotten in 2003. Compare it to the 1998-2002 model and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'm happy they made it look like a Honda again and they were even able to keep their "new" signature grill while the ywere at it! Sure, it looks the same from all other angles and just moved the reverse lights and turn signals on the rear, but that front end was always hidious, especially on the sedan!

  9. An evolution with some weird touches like the fog lights. So what happened to all the sophisticated talk about the coupe indicating the new Accord direction? What direction?

  10. sigh….wow what a let down…how on earth can they call this new???

    Seriously – didn't Honda learn anything from the Civic? I guess we can look forward to an accord refresh 6-9 months post launch?

  11. "should have gotten in 2003"? … I hope you realize this will be a 2013 model. 10 years late. I'm still laughing at Honda right now, that they'd try to pass this effort on their customers, that they no longer view as anything more than chimps with wallets. Honda management needs to be purged of these a**hats cuz otherwise, this company will be utterly ruined. Its more than half there already. Just how many more failed models does it take?

  12. Only Hopeless, I mean Honda would "redesign" something that didn't look like much to begin with by slapping on some chintzy chrome. This thing has Hyundai/Kia sales written all over it

  13. Is this "new" or un-new? Or is This more of Honda's design arrogance on display where only the faithful will fall in line and buy whatever swill is launched by this company?

    or is this biased more to those of the Geriatric Honda lovers to a fault club?

    This is so patently pathetic when compared against the competition who have produced so much better designs of late and have so much more to offer than this stale sheet of metal and paint.

  14. "This thing has Hyundai/Kia sales written all over it"

    I'm not sure this is the insult you're thinking it is 😉

  15. What's all that crap on the lower front bumper? Looks very aftermarket. The plastic bits at both ends need a lot of work.

  16. This is why Honda needed to move from 4- to 5-year redesign cycles? If this "concept" is any indication, it looks like Honda will be peddling the very same Accord coupe they introduced in 2008 until 2017.

  17. Apparently Honday hasn't learned from the Civic? Should we expect a refresh in 6-9 months??

    Seems like a big miss on such an important category.

  18. Arrogance at Honda is a US phenomenon. Honda ROW is pretty self-effacing, and populated by engineers. Here we get marketing-info driven monstrosities, decided by non-car people. They don't use intuition of an engineer because they're all sales idiots and politicians now here.

  19. Great leadership at Honda would have made a significant choice. Not having money to start over, but needing to incorporate the new engines and tech (like electric steering, iMid, etc..), a great leader would have told the design/engineering team… this is what we have to do this job (the same basic car). But I want the chassis lighter, and new dimensions so that its not recognizable as the previous product. That means no residual body panels other than the canopy. ALL OPTIONS otherwise are ON THE TABLE… I want ideas ready and presented in next week's meeting. I don't want to see the previous vehicle. Now GO !

    In the absence of real leadership, you get THIS concept.

  20. Yet another hopeless Honda exterior design. It definitely doesn't look much different from the current version and the current version isn't very attractive to me. This company desperately needs some design assistance.

  21. No more free passes for Honda/Acura. They've used their lifetime membership's worth on garbage and mediocre efforts.

    Cheapened, dull and not so Honda special to drive anymore means zero reason to visit the dealer. Sink into total mediocrity and stop bothering us with this fanfare.

  22. Soooo, they put a Kia Forte front end on it and call it new??? I don't think they should be using a CVT. I thought with Hondas engineering prowess that they'd come up with a nice 8 speed auto or something. Maybe they'll use a new Aisin unit when it comes out.

    Don't get me wrong, the coupe looks good but I'm sure the sedan will look… uuhhh…. not so good.

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