Lincoln MKZ Concept

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Yes, a concept.
They are somehow not ready to show us the real thing yet.
And already the interior looks very similar to the new Fusion.
I’m afraid thew next MKZ will just be a repeat of the current model: A Fusion with a new interior, a new front end and real lights.

Or, maybe not….

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  1. Vince, your comments are uninformed. Even with this fuzzy shot, it's obvious that this car shares no sheet metal with the Fusion. And you don't even know what technology is embedded in the chassis. How about waiting for the actual intro instead of passing judgement on leaked photos?

  2. Looks good. This grille design is the best interpretation of Lincoln's Dirk Dastardly mustache design. The interior looks production ready.

  3. Well I agree with the aggravation about seeing a "concept" and not the real thing.

    Based on the teaser, these photos, and the photos of the new Fusion: I am actually excited about this one! My big gripe with Ford is the lack of RWD, which means the new Cadillac ATS is the one I will probably gravitate to.

    But if this is anyway a refined/improved/more luxurious version of the new Fusion, then I'm ok with that. Even the current MKZ is more interesting than the Lexus or Acura equivalents!

  4. I like the interior…looks pretty sharp.

    That front end is pretty agressive / radical. Once I see the whole car from proper angles – I'll be able to judge better – but as of now, I prefer the Fusion.

  5. The sky roof is something you could be amazed on this car even if it looks like a Fuzion. Haven't they learned from hyundai new york, they are producing good quality cars and they can just innovate slowly just like other car companies who are on the top list.

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