Long wheelbase BMW 3 series

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Longer wheelbase cars are very popular in China.
BMW does offer a longer version of the 5 series, and will soon sell a longer 3 series to compete with the extended Audi A4 sold over there.

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  1. Why on earth would a chinese person need a longer wheelbase car? Their average height is 5'5"

    Seriously tho. This doesn't look right.

  2. Hell yes, I would too.

    I currently have a 328i Sport wagon. My biggest complaint is legroom. I've already decided that this is my first and last 3 series due to this one thing.

    However this could change my mind.

  3. What is wrong with the Chinese? They want to fit people in the backseats? Now that is a novel idea! I had never thought about it.

  4. I hope it stays in China because the proportions which are so great in the regular 3 fall apart with the roomier interior.

  5. The Chinese love their German cars. And a BMW is a status symbol there too. But more than that, the 3 is tight in back and German cars are often used in other countries as taxis and limo's (not the stretch type we think of here…just chauffeured cars. Its real inexpensive in Asia to have a full time driver). So it makes sense to give a bit more room and improve entry/exit ease.

  6. Hey guys, I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing, but longer wheelbase does not equal longer car…

  7. No, but if you move the wheels back, usually the rear seat is moved back as well creating more backseat room as seen in the photo. But this car does look a bit longer than the regular 3.

  8. lwb = floaty "sense" of stability… hence why "b-cars" (buick) have been wildly popular over there…

  9. Yes, I would consider this. I wouldn't consider the currend "3" 4-dr because it's just too small for me–especially at the price. (A Tarus or Charger are a LOT more car for the money–just to name 2). For me, getting a smaller car just because it handles a smidgen better (in a place with 65MPH freeways and no winding mountain roads anywhere) is like getting a 4-dr RAM Dually Megacab because I have a friend who once asked me to help haul a heavy load.

    The LWB just make more sense 99% of the time!

  10. I would get this one if they offered it for only 1k to 2k more than regular model. This would be perfect for people with families.

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