More pictures of the Lexus LF-LC Concept

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I think this is exactly what Lexus need right now.
Not the clumsy looking new GS.

Last year we saw an ultra conservative looking new BMW 6 series, and later, a disappointing redesign of the Mercedes SL.
The time is right for a new Lexus Coupe to compete with these 2 cars.

Something like this would really help Lexus.

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  1. Looks like a new Renault Alpine. Or something from Speed Racer. Rather vulgar from the usually conservative Toyota.

  2. The funny thing is, they teased the LFA for so long, that by the time they actually started building it, it already looked old. A mere two years after the LFA went into production, they start teasing the lines of what could possibly be its substitute!
    A similar thing has happened with the GT86. I'm already tired of seeing it in car shows, it's been a full two years since the first one showed up in the Tokyo show and though its arrival is now imminent, it is yet to hit showrooms. Toyota should not tease its sports cars for so long, I suppose they do it to gather attention but I feel it makes the novelty wane too rapidly

  3. Unfortunately, after they add the front real bumper to this, it will also look awkward. And I thought only Acura had grille problems….a grille is not supposed to look like the back of a rattan chair…..

  4. I saw the Lexus LF-A parked at Pebble beach. Amazing car and I don't get why Lexus can't build a mini LFA that's affordable (and the Scion FRS design is too conservative and bland as well imo).

    This might be it but not sure if this is just remains a concept.

    I saw GS as well and didn't even notice at first it was the new model. Car & Driver may say you'd be boring if you don't like this car but design is as boring as it could be.

  5. I can't get passed that "Terminator's mouth" front end… Really disturbing. Hopefully, people who haven't seen that movie will see it differently!

  6. Side view is absolutely beautiful, but the front and rear is a bit overdone (too much bling) and will hopefully be toned-down in the production car. As for the interior… get real, Lexus. There's a fine line between being "not boring" and simply weird.

    But overall, it's a huge leap for a very boring brand.

  7. The concept is great. But it's all concept. Remember the gs concept didn't look as hideous as it does in production form, yet the LFA does look Pretty close to what the concept was. Hopefully they will keep it close to this. The interior is a mix between the sporty 80s interp and a modern classy feel. Though i disagree that this would be a competitor to the SL. Most likely this will be a competitor to the CL and Bently GT. I say that because Lexus is trying to move into
    Territory never done before and honestly if they stick true to this concept, they might be able to do it. I mean Hyundai has done it, and Lexus has done it before (In the 35-40g) price range

  8. This is a great styling exercise but I can't help thinking that sitting in this thing would feel like sitting in a canoe.

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