More pictures of the new 2013 Kia Ceed

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Looking really good.

This is pretty much a hatchback version of our next Kia Forte. So it might end up over here as well.
Closely related to the popular Elantra.

Stay tuned for pics of the interior next…

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  1. YES! This is a great looking car. It looks very european to me (Peugeot without the ugly snout). I hope Kia simply sends this to the States as the Forte. No sedan version. Just this and a 3 door hatch to compete against the Golf.

  2. Looked great until I saw the frumpy looking reverse lights. Like it's failing to mimic the Optima's.


  3. I would love to see this in the US as the replacement for the current Forte 5-door. It looks very sleek and upscale.

  4. Hyundai and Kia are on a roll with the styling. I don't know anything about the reliability of the product though.

  5. Very nice. With a little more variation in the taillights and addition of LED's, this could kick some real butt if they bring it to the US. Bring plenty of smooth power and great interior material selection, and give Honda/Acura reason to questions themselves again. Maybe an AWD option to challenge the Subaru Impreza, but you might want to consider a new name first.

  6. The design of most Kias today are pretty amazing. But I have to disagree with the comments above. This looks generic and uninteresting. It's on the same level as the Corolla, which is about the worst dig you can make against a small car. These days I expect more from Kia.

  7. The thinning out of the headlamp and it's relation to that shaped grill is a design element that will probably get popular going forward, Ford being a heavy driver of it. Im reminded of the astra for the rest of the body but the greenhouse is clearly from the optima. They may have a winner on their hands, I would give anything for a 2dr sport version, like a VW GTI competitor… 🙂

  8. This car looks pretty darn good! And I've read that they might put a 250 hp 1.6L Turbo motor. You read that right, a 250 hp "1.6L" turbo.

  9. Great looking? Exciting?
    It's a 5-dr hatchback, for heaven's sake.

    But I will conceed that it's less boring than just about any OTHER 5-dr hatch out there.

  10. It looks too adult for its target market. The brats will think it boring even though they dont have the money to pay for one.

  11. This has all the curves and flow that the Impreza missed with its Toyota redesign. Do it Kia. Just don't make it sound like you're going to get 'seeded'. btw- the new generation doesnt think 5dr hatches or wagons are dull. They're useful and much slicker. So Kia, make it go fast.

  12. Here it is….this Kia or hyundai, whatever, is boring, have seen it before from everyone, even MG. Get original, for me it's my Juke!

  13. Car makers don't want to sell to the stupid brats (because they are not worth the trouble) so they are going with more adult style at the lower end.

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