Nissan Titan Test Drive coming up.

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I know.
This is not something I would usually be driving.
But why not. I have this for a week and will report on it soon, and answer any questions you might have.

So far, it’s everything you’d expect.
Big, trucky and thirsty.

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  1. you review a lot of nissan products…

    I would love a comparative analysis against the F-150 and Ram, to measure up this trucks relevance of still being on the market. I rented one a few years ago and found it a pleasure for camping, and for a truck, not that bad a daily driver.

  2. I see Ford, Chevy & Dodge 4-dr pickusp literally every day–but this is the first Nissan Titan 4-dr I've ever see. Most the Titans around here (and they're even rarer than Toyota Tundras) are all 2-Drs.

  3. The Titan wasn't even that competitive when it came out. Now it is completely uncompetitive with a terrible interior and a thirsty engine.

    No wonder why are discounting them like $8,000.

  4. Is the U.S. even the primary market for this truck? If it is, then it just seems way too unrefined and outdated.

  5. It's still a pretty handsome looking truck. I'd still take the Raptor over anything but this isn't unattractive. Far more attractive then the Silverado, that's for sure.

  6. Um…didn't this come out in 2004? The Silverado and F-150 have leaped ahead of this a generation and are about to again. Seems like this and the Tundra are fighting for last place. The sad part about this is that if the Chrysler deal didn't fall through, we would already have a new Titan based on the Ram! I guess it's all for the better because we almost ended up with a Versa clone instead of the Dart.

  7. The Titan was way ahead of anything built when it arrived and still is a very solid well built truck, more reliable than most. Very modern looking and great riding considering it is the oldest design out there. A new one will be out in a year and will set the bar very high

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