2013 Acura ILX

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Here are the first pictures of the production version. (The grey car is the Hybrid version)
I just wonder why they even bothered to show us a fake “concept” a few weeks ago.
I guess that’s just what they do…

There will be 3 models:
-2.0 Liter with 150hp and 5 speed Auto. Good for 24/32 MPG
-2.4 Liter with 201hp and 6 speed manual. Good for 20/29MPG
-1.5 Liter Hybrid and CVT. Good for 35/38MPG.

None of these numbers seem impressive to me.
Its most direct competitor (or so it seems), the new Buick Verano, gets 180HP from its 2.4 Liter engine and manages 21/32MPG.
It also uses a 6 speed auto, not 5.

I really like the fact that they are offering a manual version. Which is great. But a compact sedan should be getting more than 32MPG these days.
The hybrid numbers are not great either. (The next Jetta will average 45MPG in both city and HWY.)

Not sure yet if this is replacing the TSX or not, but it sure doesn’t look better.
The “old” TSX gets the same 21/29MPG numbers from the same 2.4 Liter engine.
So there has been zero improvement …

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  1. I remember my first car was an Acura TL. The sticker was 28 and change back in 2000. Now they start at 35 ish. It seems that Acura will axe the RL and move the TL upwards the TSX will take the place of the TL (Hence the 6cyl option) and this will take place of the TSX (Possibly with a 2 door option). Numbers aren't extremely impressive, but it just seems that Acura is a mediocre brand all the way around (Save the NSX which is just a hot car in my opinion)

  2. "-2.4 Liter with 201hp and 6 speed manual. Good for 20/29MPG"

    WHAT? Impressive for 1999, but not now!

    I'm sorry, but if they know what's good for them, the TSX would be staying…since this is technically a class smaller anyway. The Euro Accord Splits hairs between the Compact and Mid Size segments and that's where it should have stayed. Honda is fearful of having a car larger than the Accord in the Honda lineup. It didn't stop the rest of the brand from having a sedan a class above the mid-size (forgetting how bloated the NA Accord became anyway, it's really a moot point).

  3. It's basically pathetic. The best drivetrain is Honda's tired, outdated and aged geriatric 2.4 liter still producing 201hp that has been around since forever, and the mileage may have been good in 2005 but it is way lower than competitors.

    Add to that bland styling and you get a waste of an effort by a brand that is quickly going from barely respectable has-been to a flippin' embarrassment. If Honda isn't going to design and produce what Acura needs to stay in play, they should do the right thing and pull the plug.

  4. My guess is this will be placed below the TSX and the TSX remain in the Acura lineup. The Canadian civic-based Acura CSX was cancelled so my bet would be the ILX will replace it and be a new model for the US. Let's hope they price it right since that seems like it's only hope of any type of success – it certainly isn't winning in the looks or performance departments!

  5. I think the concept looked better. May be it was the wheels. Only a sexy set of wheels wile save this design. And these photos are the wrong angle. MPG is below par. Unless they add turbos to the line up they ate toast.

  6. MPG is horrible. The 2012 Genesis v6 with over 300 horses is rated at 29 highway. Helloooooooo anybody there?

  7. What a wasted effort. There is no incentive to trade in a 2005 honda for anything they are building currently. Its the same design and the same tech just higher prices.

  8. The dash manages to look busy and cheap at the same time. Hybrid mileage isn't much better than a Civic so why bother?

  9. 'Anonymous said…
    MPG is horrible. The 2012 Genesis v6 with over 300 horses is rated at 29 highway. Helloooooooo anybody there?

    February 7, 2012 8:09 PM"

    333 horsepower to be exact, and yes, it is pathetic.

  10. The TSX will be discontinued. Honda confirmed that.

    MPG is particular bad for the hybrid I think. It's based on Civic so you wonder why they lost that much mpg.

  11. Let's see….

    Smaller than the TSX–about Civic sized
    Unexceptional gas mileage by any modern standard.

    An interior and exterior design that is unexciting at best, and already a bit out of date, at worse.

    Acura… I don't get it. This isn't a high mileage compact car and it isn't a performance car and it isn't a real luxury car.

    What is it?

    After so many mistake, I've lost all faith in Acura. This saddens me because I've owned Acuras before. Yet today, their inability to understand the markets and the competition, their me-too styling, and their overall lack of distinctiveness leave me cold.

  12. Another Honda design concept that didn't translate to a great final product. I liked the concept's torpedo nose, but here it just looks flat. I know they're starting these under $30k, but thats no excuse for such a lackluster effort and a cheap interior. Slapping some leather on it does nothing to improve that, and no 6AT? I think buyers will think the same: "why bother?".

  13. Hooray! for more shiny plastics and dull leather. The whole thing is depressing to look at. FAIL. I mean, another FAIL!

  14. PLZ!!!!! burlapp… You're are reaching far acting like the Verano get HUGE MPG! You're comparing Verano 21/32 to ILX 20/29 (both 2.4L). Where is the big difference in MPG??? WOW! 3 more miles in hwy and 1 in city. Really??? That's not huge!!! Infact the ILX comes out on top with 201hp compared to 180hp. You're complaint is a waste. Buy the 1.5L if you want higher mpg or a different maker.

  15. MPG is horrible. The 2012 Genesis v6 with over 300 horses is rated at 29 highway. Helloooooooo anybody there?

    Even the entry-level 5-passenger Chrysler 300 (4-dr) has roughly the same horsepower, hauls about twice as much stuff, looks far more menacing, and gets 31MPG HWY. And it's a "full-size family sedan". And probably doesn't cost any more. Honda is sooooooo lost.

  16. Price will determine the success of the ILX because there's nothing much else to distinguish it.

    Nice car, but nothing more than a Civic in drag.

  17. An utterly boring and dated design. Looks like this could have come out 7 or 8 years ago. Honda/Acura isn't even trying. I have a 2004 RSX and was looking forward to another compact entry level Acura. This is not it.

  18. New Civic, ZDX, CrossTour, Tier 1, this ILX… are what you get when you hire cast-offs from the Big 3's failure era to run your business. Wonder why Honda/Acura is lost? Look at who's making the decisions. Honda JP needs to come over and clean house. Then, replace Ito.

  19. If they don't get rid of the TSX, they're admitting they've failed with this car because of its inability to successfully replace it.

  20. If Acura knew what they were doing, they would have kept the streamlined front sculpture of the concept more, changed those idiotic and low-placed door handles, and stopped playing the same sorry ass themes in their cabin designs. But they don't know what they're doing. Thats obvious by the engine and tranny choices; failure to put a real double wishbone suspension in the front instead of the carry-over McPherson struts, same old Civic mirror covers, and not selecting some decent (and appropriately sized) wheel designs. instead….red glow Si instrument panels, same tired silver plastic (let me guess… arches from the center stack. check!), and crappy 1 color leather. A really great quality cloth would have been a better choice than the poor leather that doesnt fit the seats it covers, all in monotone black. Hello Civic!

    Note to Acura – we're not all clueless b**ches waiting to be separated from our dollars. This SHOULD be $30k, but SHOULD also be worth it. This doesnt say Acura v3.0 so much as Honda v2.1. Is this the F'ing new GM now?

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