2013 Audi A3

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Following the old Audi recipe of “let’s make the new one look like the old one”.

I am sure the differences are more obvious in the flesh. Or with other colors where the new chrome window surround could add a more upscale touch.
Still. No surprises here. At all.
A nice looking car with no style.

Again, this is the 2 door version which is not due in the US.
Instead, we should be getting the 4 door hatch and the new 4 door sedan.

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  1. This a recipe that works because Audi designs are very substantial. Can wait to see the US versions.

  2. This is so much cleaner then the BMW 1 series…every bit an Audi I'd love to see this in person even if it will be the 4 door hatch.

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