2013 CAdillac ATS 2.0T photos

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Most pictures of the ATS published earlier were of the top of the line 3.6 Liter V6 version.

The 2.0 Liter engine with 270hp and 6 speed manual should prove pretty popular for those looking for a true sport sedan.

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  1. oh. my. gm trying to appease the euro market; cant blame them i guess, but really, didnt we do this cobalt (cavilier) as a caddy before (cimmaron)?

  2. The ATS is on a RWD platfrom & is not related to the Cruze. This car shares a modified version of the 2.5 litre 4 cyl with the new Malibu & the 2.0 litre turbo is a modified version of the Regal turbo 4. I am looking forward to seeing the coupe version of this car.

  3. Anyone who's keeping up knows that this is no Cobalt or another Cimmaron. As we've seen, Audi has been hugely successful with their turbo fours. BMW is heading this way too. A car this size is probably better suited for a lighter and punchier 4cyl versus a heavier 6cyl engine. Time will tell.

  4. looking forward to seeing it 'in the metal', though at this point the design's a bit too understated in many ways save the very handsome front end/headlight assemblies.

  5. Sounds like this thing is gonna have some balls!

    @Anon 1:37 the ATS is absolutely no Cimarron (this is rear-drive) just like the CTS was no Catera. These are "from the ground up" Caddys, intentionally designed for true luxury performance motoring.

    Now if only Lincoln would step up and design their cars to be competitive…with Jaguar gone, they have no excuse anymore.

  6. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the C-class and A4 should be incredibly flattered. I think this may actually steal some of their sales if Cadillac prices it right.

  7. looks like a cheap imitation to me. why not just get the real thing instead of another "chinese knockoff" car. yuck!

  8. This does absolutely nothing for me. The design is blah, the interior is meh, and it is a GM to top it all off.

    Why would I buy this over a C Class or a 3 Series? Why would I consider this instead of a G37, or hell, even a Hyundai Genesis?

    I have never been a fan of GM designs, or their LONG TERM quality.

  9. I wonder how many people are really going to want a manual transmission in a Cadillac. Does anyone know what percentage of 3 Series drivers opt for a clutch pedal? I'm not even sure Audi gives you the option.

  10. This would have been the perfect timing for Cadillac to abandon the current( I am yawning..) design and show the world the next step. I guess there isn't one!

  11. These comments are interesting. Well, opinions are like assholes. And some people are just assholes. It's as if they're disgusted that this car sounds like it could actually be competitive. I love my Audi and BMW (though not a fan of the C-class or G37. Not even going to acknowledge a Hyundai Genesis.) But the addition to a true competitor will only cause everyone to step up their game. This car looks like it will do just that.

  12. "February 17, 2012 12:08 PM"

    Add me to the list of a-holes then, I guess. What a weird insult for someones opinion.

    I, too, would rather have the Genesis over this. Size class up and less money, more horsepower, and in my eyes, looks worlds better.

  13. I just read on gmisideline that there will be NO 8 speed for quite a while… LAME!

    Still a great looking car though.

  14. Gosh! What a boring design. Let's wait to drive the car and see how it does. Do you all remember the BS of the GM marketing machine spilled all over the news through the "independent" car magazines that the CTS was the new 3 series fighter? I am interested to see how their 270 hp turbo does in this.

  15. I saw a red one at NAIAS and I gotta say, it didn't pop as much as the CTS does but in silver it looks much better, looking forward to driving this bad boy.

  16. I hope it looks better in person. Right now its hitting me as a boring CTS. Sorry to the fans, just my opinion.

  17. RE: "I have never been a fan of GM designs, or their LONG TERM quality."

    You're out of touch. GM/Ford/Chrysler have had consistantly better quality/reliability than the Germans for many years now. I'd even have to put them well ahead of Toyota/Lexus & Nissan these days–and on a par with Honda/Acura. Styling is another matter. This, like all current Cadillacs, has excellent styling. This is proven by the intensly Love it / Hate it reactions on this post. (Bad styling is when nobody hates it and nobody loves it because nobody cares; e.g.: Camry.)

    The 4-cylinder is the same route BMW just took with the 2012 3-series sedan / 2013/2014 Coupe/wagon/convertable. I guess great companies think alike.

    The comparisons with Cimmeron are absurd. This is more like a "further upscale" version of the latest Acuras than it is ANYTHING in the current(or past) GM lineup.

    Will I buy one? No. For the same reason I won't look at a C-class, 1-series, A4 or any Acura. Too darn small for me. But I admire the styling and respect the engineering. Just like I do that of the worlds fastest production sedan (Cadillac CTS-V.) For me, good clean styling comes in the form of an A8, Chrysler 300, 7-series, Navigator or Escalade.

    But the ATS is definitely a car I can respect.

  18. I like it. Can't commit to saying I love it yet – that will have to wait until I see and drive one in person.

    I was just lukewarm on the CTS until I had one for a weekend. I am a big fan of that car now.

  19. It may have the mechanical, but thats not Caddys problem… that old 1990's STS rear and the Vegas interiors ARE the problem for this price vehicle trying to mash it up with BMW. Hmm… i think it will be largely ignored at a time when Caddy desperately needs a great car in this segment.

  20. " that old 1990's STS rear and the Vegas interiors ARE the problem for this price vehicle trying to mash it up with BMW."

    I'm not sure what you even said. But it's pretty clear that you're going back twenty years to make your point, badly. It won't be difficult to trump BMW interiors. Audi builds the interiors that are the ones to beat.

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