2013 Chevrolet Cruze wagon

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Finally, after all these years.
This will be on sale soon, pretty much everywhere the regular Cruze is sold.
Except, like the hatchback, the US.

Next year we are getting the diesel version, but the the hatch, and not this wagon.
Unless they change their minds….(Like they did with the diesel…)

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  1. Yes Vince I agree FINALLY! Although I am not a big fan of the Cruze I am happy to see a "sport wagon" return. The 5 door tourer is an untapped market in the U.S.

  2. I think it's been proven by other nameplates that America isn't THAT strictly sedan country (see the Mazda 3, Ford Focus, VW Golf). Why can't GM offer hatches, wagons, etc. for at least one model year?

  3. There should be a petition drive to release the wagon version in the US. The only other wagons available here are from foreign manufacturers and very expensive. I do suspect that Chevy wants to push families/dog owners etc. into buying a more expensive/profitable SUV, such as the Equinox. Some people need more flexibility/cargo capacity than a smallish sedan offers, but don't want something as big and tall as a SUV.

  4. EVERYBODY in the US WANTS a big SUV. But some can't handle a vehicle that big (and can barely handle a small car). Most simply can't AFFORD an SUV; so they "rationalize" the supposed "virtues" of a tiny wagon. Add to that the fact that US Dealers cut the margins down to nothing just to move a few of them and you have virtually NO business case for offering tiny wagons in the US. It's simply supply & demand. The ONLY way Mercedes & BMW can justify them is by jacking up the prices to greatly increasing the margins/car (which unfortunately lowers the overall sales numbers even further). Sure there's a market–but it's really small (in the US) and therefore a waste of limited resources for companies like Chevy that specialize in high volume/low margine per unit, vehicles.

  5. "EVERYBODY in the US WANTS a big SUV."

    I sure as hell don't.

    I am surprised that they are offering soon what should have been out in 2008.

    Six years into a model and they are just now adding another body style?! The rest of that car is the same w/ some slight refreshening. It's obvious that New GM is just Old GM with a mask on. This should have been the 2nd Gen Cruze by now.


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