2013 Dodge Dart caught testing in Los Angeles

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Still testing?

It is going on sale soon, you can even price one online already. (It almost tops $30 000 with all the options!)

I am just wondering if they might just be testing their new upcoming 9 speed Auto from ZF.
Which is supposed to be available in 2013.
Or maybe… Some hybrid version?

Why not.

(Thanks to Nick for this picture)

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  1. Looks to me like they are testing to see if the gas cap door latch can stay closed, and it failed. They also need to test to see if they can get the taillamp to line up with the trunk properly on the left.

    Something about driving around with a gas cap door open, the half finished appearance of this model, and the stationary placement on the road (as opposed to being in motion) tells me this pic is either old, or a plant.

  2. I just test drove an Evoque. I almost bit the bullet and got one today. Maybe next week after the excitement has worn off. I cross shopped against the Q5 with the 4cyl turbo and the X3. I was expecting to like the Q5 more than I did, and I didn't like the BMW at all. The main problem with the Evoque is that you can't get a deal on one. I guess there is high demand for these things.

    A Wrangler is a convertible, and it's a "real" SUV. Range Rover has made many different convertibles that are "real" SUVs in the past. I'm not sure why the Evoque is any different. It's proven to be a fine off-roader in the reviews I've read.

  3. $30k is a lot for a compact, but then I guess I would spend it here before I'd spend it on a Prius or Lexus 200h. At least Dodge has a much better reputation for safety!r

  4. Yeah, at $30K, there better be an SRT4 that's a complete Evo/WRX killer! AWD and dressed to the nines to boot. There should be a spicy enough R/T around 20-22K as well. No reason a normal trim compact can't do 200 horses now.

  5. Forgot to discuss this:

    Does the world really need a 9-speed automatic? In a compact at that? I'm not convinced we need anything with more than 6 speeds in even a supercar. The 7th gear sounds like it only exists for bragging rights. But hey, 15 years ago, 22" wheels made no sense.

  6. Big as wheel wells are today, they kinda do. Would be nice if most of them didn't look so trashy.

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