2013 Fiat 500 L

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So this is not a 4 door version of the cute 500. Instead, an all new car with a similar face.
It is longer and wider. Europe will get both 5 and 7 seats versions.
We will be getting the 5 seats only here.

I guess they really wanted to use the 500 name.
No matter what its called, it is still cute and with 2 extra doors, will be more popular than the regular 500.
Especially in the US, where we are supposed to be getting in sometimes in 2013.

This is something that will be a huge help to US Fiat dealers, who are now selling only one model.

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  1. The face is cute – I agree. But the rest? Not so much. Why on earth would anyone buy this over a Fiat 500?

    It doesn´t look as good, the proportions are wrong and it will be build in the same plant, that has built the Yugo. At least to my knowledge…

  2. Actually Fiat is a standalone brand. With the badly fumbled U.S. launch of the 500, do expect to see soon Fiat appear in Chrysler stores to get sales volume up.

  3. Fiat clearly wins the originality award here this 500 meets Mini Countryman meets Citroen C3 Picasso has nowhere near the charm of the 500. Expected better from Fiat especially following up the 500 and the new Panda.

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