2013 Ford B-Max

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Just as the C-Max is based on the Focus, the smaller B-Max is based on the Fiesta.
Nothing really original here, as it looks exactly like a smaller C-Max.
Which, itself doesn’t look that great.

The lack of B pillar makes it a bit more interesting, but not nearly as modern looking as the Opel Meriva.
This actually looks old next to the Meriva.

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  1. there is a b-pillar but they are incorporated into the doors so they move completely out of the way when both doors are open.

    The meriva front end looked hot in 2005. The Bmax continues the premiumization of Ford's entire portfolio and this thing looks way better in real life. Let's just hope it is less expensive then the Meriva… or at least under 15,000. It may make a great Prius C competitor with a hybrid setup (though from what I saw at the autoshow, the Prius C seems bigger then this?) Who knows, but it will look good on the streets of London, Munich, and Paris.

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