2013 GMC Acadia

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GMC will bring quite a few revisions to the Acadia crossover for the new year.
Which also means an all new one is at least a couple of years away…

The front end and back are all new. And the interior has been redesigned as well.
It doesn’t seem as simple and modern as the previous one, but of much higher quality.
At least it seems on that picture.
Powered by n improved 6 speed auto, and the same 3.6 Liter V6.

I guess this means we’ll be seeing a new interior in the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse soon.
The Buick is fine the way it is, but the Chevrolet version is in desperate need of a better interior…

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  1. The interior is a huge improvement since the previous interior looked like a low-rent Chevy.

    The new front now mimics the Terrain. Is that a good thing?

  2. The new interior no longer looks (or probably feels) like a low-rent, hard plastic, Chevy interior. That's good.

    But the new front is now much like the Terrain. Is that good?

  3. The wheels shown in these pics aren't as good looking as some of the other shots I've seen. Overall, I think this looks really great.

    I disagree that the Buick interior is fine. The overuse of fake woodgrain was a show stopper for me when I sat in it. Make it authentic, or don't use it at all.

  4. I'm unimpressed with the interior. I suppose it's now "acceptable" versus ghetto on the previous model.

    The exterior was fine, but the refresh is excellent.

    Also, what do you mean the Enclave doesn't need a new interior? Did you somehow not feel the cheap leather or see the horribly cheesy plastic fake wood trim? It was expected in a pre-bailout GM but their new models are so much better, it's no longer acceptable in a 35$k+ car.

    Also, your blog has improved a lot I must say

  5. No one noticed the return of the Saturn Outlook's rear end? The front and interior are pretty nice, but I bet GM saved a pretty penny recycling Saturn parts.

  6. anyone notice that the arm rests on the driver and passenger doors are different (no grab handle on driver's side)? Is that unusual? I've never seen them do that before.

  7. I think it is absolutely hideous and revolting. Sure, the interior is better than what it was but that's the way it should have been when it was released.

    GM pumps out garbage that I would never in my life purchase.

  8. I just noticed that the "new" exterior is really the old Saturn SUV–with a GMC grill on it.

    Clever way to save money!?!

  9. This really freaking ugly.

    Why would ANYONE with eyes buy this over a new Explorer or the old but handsome CX-9?

  10. Why would ANYONE with eyes buy this over a new Explorer or the old but handsome CX-9?

    Why would anyone buy any of them with a Jeep Grand Cherokee that's higher quality, faster, pulls more G's, better MPG, quieter, smoother riding on road, more realiable, recommended by CU, less costly to repair, far far more capable off road, and tows up to 7000 lbs (the CX9 tops out at under 3000) And the Jeep has REAL wood on dash AND doors; and REAL leather on the dash, doors, and seats. (Nappa leather–not the cheap course grain in the base x3, x5, M-series or GLK or G- series).

    Is't a no-brainer!

    Nice try GM but the benchmark is 2011 JGC not last-years Acadia, or this years 4-runner or Explorer!!!

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