2013 Hyundai Elantra coupe

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I must say, I am just a bit disappointed by this one.
It just looks like a 2 door sedan.

You can say what you want about the Civic or Accord coupes, but they do have their own designs when compared to the sedans.
This just looks like a 2 door version of the regular Elantra. And somehow, even a bit less original.
Plus, the wheels look too small.

I usually do like 2 door cars better, but in this case, the new GT hatchback seems much more modern.
With a better Euro interior and the glass roof….

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  1. This kid of reminds me if a mid 80's 2 door Honda Accord. I think that is a good thing except the Accord was a hatchback.
    As much as I like the 4 door Elantra hatch images I'd really have loved to see a sporty 2 door with perhaps a GDI turbo or a TDI engine. Perhaps in 2014 eh?

  2. I agree, Vince.

    There is nothing much wrong with the design, but even dull, dowdy Honda manages to make their coupes something more special than their sedans.

  3. Its a bit dull, but the interior surpasses the Civic by far. I think the exterior isn't aging well, but it will still steal a bunch of Civic sales because Honda screwed up the Coupe's interior AND exterior so badly.

  4. It does seem a bit cab forward for a coupe, but it's still sleek, not upright enough to be a 2-door sedan.

  5. The roof line looks like a Chevy Colbalt. The car is dull, boring, and non descript. The Honda Civic Coupe looks great compared to this. Even though the Elantra sedan looks good, it's still a Hyundai and in a few years will have no resale value, unless you trade it in at a Hyundai dealer. Honda is a MUCH better car.

  6. Isn't Honda re-doing the Civic soon because cars like the Elantra passed it up? Or, at the very least, Honda didn't do enough to keep up with them. Knowing that, how is Honda a "better" car nowdays?

    I don't mind the look of the Elantra Coupe. Could be sportier in places, but I wanted it to be in good middle ground pick between the Elantra and the Genesis Coupe. Not just a 2 door version of the present Elantra. A DI turbo around 200 HP would do the trick. Any rumors?

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