2013 Kia K9

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These official sketches from Kia look great.
Great design as well as great artwork.

And from what we’ve seen of the real car so far, they look really close to the production model too.

This will be based on the Hyundai Genesis, so expect similar engines.
But unfortunately, it willnot be sold in the US or western Europe. Which is a shame really.

I guess Kia doesn’t seem to think they are ready for this market.
We haven’t even seen the smaller Azera based K5/Cadensa over here.

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  1. Understandable. Kia is still considered at the bottom of the prestige ladder in the US. And in western Europe, the executive car segment was ruled Audi/BMW/Mercedes territory yeas ago. Why do you think Ford and GM don't bother selling cars that big over there anymore (VXR8 serving a different buyer)?

  2. Many details of the design, which itself is very harmonious, follow Kia's new design-language. Well known from smaller models. But it works better on larger cars like this one.

    I noticed a developement of the front-end: the tiger nose looks very Italian to me. Do I smell Maserati? Nonetheless: A great design!

  3. Yes! the 7 series knock off done up all nice by Kia, at least it would be safer than the Chinese version of this car.

  4. Kia K9? Seriously? What's the marketing campaign going be like? A dog on the TV … woof woof?

    What a terrible name for a car … K9. I hear that Koreans like to eat dog. I think that's a good analogy for this car, which will likely be "eaten" by competitors in the market.

  5. To the poster above…the K9 moniker is only for the domestic market i.e. where the name wouldn't be mistaken for a word canine. So why even care? Just so that you can put in another wise crack about how you think Kia still sucks?

  6. To the poster above who commented about Dogs & Koreans…
    If Koreans eat Dog meat it would be safe to say that dog meat are sold in Korea in normal supermarkets & small grocery stores down the street along side chicken meat, pork, fish, etc. Reality is, you cannot even buy dog meat in stores in Korea. It is amusing how ignorant & arrogant(in a xenophobic way)some people are here. Would it be fair to you if Islamic people ignorant of Western Society believed that Homosexuals, Aids disease, free sex, sex trade/prostitution was an every day aspect of life for someone from a Western country??? What an amusingly sad existence… Vince, I think you should erase the racist comment above.

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