2013 Mazda 5

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This is the new front end of the japanese version.
Which should be making it over here during the year, I would think.

Another car maker obsessed with making sure all it’s models have the same front end.
Which happens a lot.

I don’t think this is an improvement. But it doesn’t seem to make things worse either.

And it really won’t make a difference in sales. The Mazda 5 has not been popular in the US.
Not sure a new grille will change anything….

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  1. Regardless of size, Americans want room where it matters. Doesn't see the Mazda5 offers that. People see right through a few carved in character lines.

    Though sadly, if this was a Honda or Toyota, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation.

  2. if Ford sold its Grand Cmax here at that pricepoint, it'll outsell this 2 to 1. The problem has always been styling, and there is a very large market for this for this in more dense urban areas but this thing doesn't make you crave it. It must do that!

    The Prius V will do very well though, and it looks attractive to begin with.

  3. With the exception of the Mazda 3, Mazdas have gotten completely vanilla. I don't even see any new Miatas (or MX whatever, I call it a Miata) anymore. This van is an example of the vanillazation of the brand. The previous 5 was much more sporty and dynamic looking. The wind streams on the side look like total crap.

    I tend to agree with the above post. If this were a Toyota or Honda, it'd sell. Pear-shaped wives of middle managers would eat this up with a spoon.

  4. Mazda tries to appeal to car guys; unlike Toyota or Honda. The problem with that is that car guys aren't sheep. They think. And they don't buy a model just because it's the brand they got last time. Mazda can make better cars but they will never have better volume (than Toy or Honda)

  5. I've driven a couple Mazda5s and I'm telling you if I had a small family, that's what I'd have.

    It is compact but still rather spacious inside. It gets decent fuel mileage, and it is an absolute hoot to drive.

    It is a shame that Americans always equate Bigger = Better because it isn't true.

  6. Vince, I think you're wrong in saying that the Mazda5 is not popular in the US. It may not be popular in Texas, but its a huge hit on the east coast and in other urban areas. I used to work at a Mazda dealership and we would sell every single Mazda5 within a few days of it being on the lot. Mazda just doesn't import them in high numbers, so I think you're mistaking that for low sales.

  7. No I am not just talking about Texas.
    And yes, the sales are low.

    After selling only 18 500 of the previous version in 2009, Mazda had set a goal of 30 000 units a year for the "then new" 2011 model.
    Only 19 155 were sold in 2011. Pretty far from 30 000.

    I have driven the previous generation and really liked it.
    I think it is a really good car.
    But obviously not popular in the US.

  8. I had always wished that the 5 would be more popular with new car buyers so there would be more available for me on the used-car market. Luckily, I just bought a 2008 model and love it to death!

    The biggest problem with this 2013 refresh model is that other than the swoops and front/rear fascias, it's the same vehicle they've been selling since mid-2005. Mazda's original stated sales goal for the nichey 5 was 15,000 a year.. so it sounds like it's performing at or above initial expectations.

  9. I got one as a rental recently. I can tell you, first, that I'm glad that idiot smile is gone. Its a handy vehicle BUT after you get past the crazy exterior, you still have an interior that is just sub-par on almost all accounts. Those accounts have NOTHING to do with size – its just plain cheap and contrary to good interior design.

    Mazda is small and can't immediately turn around its models like other companies. In the meantime, they CAN fix the interiors and make them less cheap, less plasticky, less gimmicky and less like a red/orange glowing 80's video game.

  10. But this isn't the Mazda 5 from 2005, it's the second gen (although still riding on the 2nd Gen Focus/3 platform).

    I'm mixed on the styling. It looks like they made it look almost too conservative (thinking 1998 626).

    Also, didn't the new 5 JUST come out? It's funny how so many vehicles go 5+ years w/o a refresh, and other's just a couple.

  11. American's want room 'cause their's a whole lot of obese fatties to move around and you know.. a mazda 5 just won't cut it. The drink holders probably don't hold a massive slurpee cup either.

  12. this looks like it was designed by a little girl…The front of this one looks better but the side lines are too girly even for women.

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