2013 Mercedes A Class

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First picture of the real thing, or so it seems.

It also looks to have a more agresssive bumper and grille than the spy pics we’ve seen before.
Which would suggest an AMG version.

We are supposed to be getting, for the fisrt time, a version of the A Class in the US sometime next year.
The upcoming sedan version os a sure bet here, competing with the equally new A3 sedan in the US.
But we could be getting the hatchback as well.

We’ll see…

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  1. I know every manufacturer feels they need sedans to compete here, but the hatch looks much better for this nameplate.

  2. How ironic that the least desireable is the A and the most desireable is way down the alphabet. Shouldn't this be the D- or F series?

  3. Oh, pleeeeeease… Mercedes designers have been taking too many hallucinatory drugs.. Change the grill and this could be any car in the world.

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