2013 Range Rover

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This illustration does look a bit different from the spy shots we have seen around for the past few months.
It also makes the Range Rover a bit too long.

Let’s hope the next one looks better. And brings a bit of that retro look the Ranger Rover Sports has.

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  1. Horrible. Hopefully looks nothing like this. This is a mix of the defender concept (TOO ROUND) and the Evoque (TOO ROUND). The range rover has to be better then this

  2. Looks like a Ford Flex with a RangeRover grill. Seems to have the same problem as the current one — too short / not big enough.

  3. if all land rovers become range rovers, what becomes of the range rover?

    btw, looks like a chinese study (note the "YGL" plate)

  4. Really… This Is It?

    Certainly no improvement on the current model, and looks even more like the box it came in.

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