2013 VW Beetle TDI

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We new this was coming. The return of the Diesel Beetle.
Which is good news.

Which is not good news as the MPG rating. 29 in the city but only 39HWY.
Which is less than some other small cars. And diesel, at least where I live, is about $1 more a gallon than regular.
Still, what you get is 236 pound feet of torque. Which is unmatched by the competition.
And, I did get over 53MPG on the HWY when I test drove the Golf TDI. A car rated at 42MPG.
So real life numbers could be much higher than 29/39.

The TDI will also be available in the convertible version coming out soon.

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  1. Great you didn't fall for the comparison to the non-diesel version and then raved how much better mpg is when you buy the diesel.

    Fact is that the Beetle gets pretty poor mpg compared to other cars. Not sure it will be much better since it's lower than other VW diesels as well. Maybe it's the shape.

  2. too much the same , last one sold for 3-4 years, this has a shelf life of 12 months max, it will begin to appear like the old one by then and sales will stop!

  3. the utility of this car when you consider its size is a big disappointment. Wonder why they are doing this second iteration when the first was already a big failure from a sales point of view.

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