Chevrolet Cruze Wagon

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Just another new picture from GM.
We have seen the car a few days ago already. Now we get to see a slightly revised front end as well.
While the new front will make it on our version as well, don’t count on ever seeing the wagon in the US.
Just like the Ford Focus wagon, this one is not for us.

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  1. Too bad most americans aren't smart enough to understand the versatility of wagons. Wagons can pack as much cargo as an SUV while getting much better gas mileage and is easier to drive and park. I have an A4 Avant and I'm very pleased with how useful it is. It's also AWD and has a 4 cylinder turbo and gets over 30mpg on the highway. This Cruze wagon looks really nice and seems like it could be the perfect little utility vehicle for most average americans. Give it AWD and a diesel engine and I could see some VW Jetta or Audi A3 owners making a move to Chevy.

  2. It's the best looking of all the Cruzes. When the wagon comes on stream, The Cruze will probably become Australia's best selling car.

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