Chevrolet Volt Super Bowl Commercial

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I actually kind of like this.

Although the CGI work could be better…

I do like the Volt, and am quite curious about it.
Scheduled to get one for a week next month. Which should be quite interesting…

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  1. What were these stories about Volts catching fire? I heard nothing about this until last week…

  2. Cute ad. It's about time that Chevy explained to the masses how this car works. I really don't know why it's so difficult to understand.

  3. Enough tax payer money being wasted on this DOG. The sales figures are in the pot, the reviews are marginal and the obvious fires present a true drawback to those who value life.

  4. One caught fire weeks after having been crashed. A second caught fire a week after being crashed. They were parked with nobody around so as the smashed batteries slowly overheated they had days to smoulder & develop into a fire before being noticed. Prius has the same type battery (which is what caught fire) and the same liklihood of fire. So do most other Hybrids or Hybrid-Electrics. Apparently GM isn't as experienced at keeping these stories covered-up as Toyota is. The bottom line it this: Lithium is incredibly unstable… its just a matter of time. If a small Lithium battery is damaged it can overheat to explosive temperatures. If you hit it/ light it/ crash it you may not be around to talk about it! Doesn't really matter if it's a Volt, Prius or Honda Hybrid. It's all about the battery.

  5. We own BOTH the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. Our Volt now has about 11,500 miles and the Leaf about 10,500. The Volt is absolutely worth the extra $8000, though the Leaf is a solid "around town" car. The Volt rides more like an Audi (better than a BMW 3-series, and we have owned both of those in the past), and the fit and finish and operating details on the Volt are amazing. The Volt predicts the actual EV range MUCH, MUCH better than the Leaf, and the power is most impressive from 0-45 mph as well. We have NOT owned a GM or any US car since 1970, but GM really deserves kudos for the engineering in the Volt. The "fire issue" is a political game being played by politicians who want to get any kind of media attention.

  6. Batteries, despite what one of the "Anonymous" posters tries to assert are way more stable than gasoline. Anybody actually check how MANY car fires happened last year due to gasoline leaks and exhaust or other systems igniting that? WAY, WAY more than any battery system…failure. So the testing agency did not think to disable the battery after they massively smashed the car in impact "testing." Whose fault is that really? Would they not have drained the gas tank or used a vehicle with little or no fuel in the tank (since the speed for the impact testing is done by a externally powered sled device? That first "Volt fire" was caused by old wiring in the garage that the Volt was parked in. Another "none issue" but one drug up by self-seeking politicians. Heck, we lost two homes in our HOA a few years ago from a fire that started in the ENGINE BAY of a conventional gas car of the late 1990's. No politicians drug that up for publicity however.

  7. Cleaver commercial! I drove one a few months ago. It's amazing how loud road noise can be w/o an engine running, not that I'm complaining. But I'd like to drive it in CS mode at city and highway speeds.

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