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I must say I was a bit dissapointed when I saw this .
There is just not enough Clint. And, especially, not enough cars.

The patriotic message seems to be lost when you know that Chrysler is now pretty much owned by Fiat.
It is basically the least American company in Detroit.
Which is not a bad thing. But it seems to be the wrong thing to be pushing…

What do you think?

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  1. I think the idea that because Fiat owns majority stock (that is what they have, not full ownership…you can own part of them too if you want) that means they can appeal to the American made status is petty. Chrysler, when it comes to the people actually doing the work–and that's what matters most–is an American company. Auburn Hills is still their headquarters, Rams are still built in the good ol's US of A, and all but the Dart are US designs. Jeep is still Jeep, and the men and woman on the assembly lines don't have Italian accents, unless they are immigrants to the US.

  2. Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/RAM still pay a ton of taxes in the US (unlike the Japanese transplants with headquarters outside the US). That qualifys it as American as Apple Pie. And yes, I think this is a damn good Ad.
    Go ahead–scoff at it–make my day!

  3. As long as the jobs are here, who cares who owns it. And we can always buy the stock of FIAT, if we think it such a great investment, NOT!Let their shareholders lose money for a change. We "made so much money on Chrysler" over the years, we are left with the patriotism…..

  4. Chrysler and their agency are doing a BRILLIANT job, marketing-wise.

    But pushing the "America's Renaissance" theme is a real stretch – given that Fiat is pretty much running the show these days.

    The messaging isn't jiving with the reality!

  5. This ad seems political to me. There are some double entendres here. "First half is over and the second half is coming up" Seems like a reference to Obama. Especially with "imported from Detroit".

  6. Wow I must be the only one that agrees with you. I also found the commercial disturbing given that the US goverment gave a majority share to a foreign company with the remaining balance going ot the unions. They are doing well in the last year and I hope it continues, but it is pretty sad if this is what we are celebrating.

  7. "least American Co in Detroit?"
    Chrysler employs more people in Detroit than ANY other auto Co.–Foreign or Domestic. These days–Chrysler IS Detroit.
    The Dart was designed in the USA using engine/driveline derived from Alfa-Romeo. It will be built in Illinois. Not from a kit like the Dodge Sprinter–but from the ground up. I think the political overtones are unintended and whatever you want them to be. And real life is never as simple as an ad with implied "double entendres" so I don't read quite that much into it. Personally, I am a true Capitolist through & through. I will vote for Mitt Romney. I like Clint Eastwood. I will buy a Jeep Wrangler and a Charger. And I LOVE the ad. In the end it's just an Ad. On that level it works very well. At least it works for me–the target market.

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