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The Euro i30 hatchback will soon be available as a wagon.
It is about 7.5 inches longer than the regular hatchback version.
As you know, the i30 will be available here as the Elantra GT, so I am sure plenty of people will be thinking about this wagon coming over to the US.
I just don’t think it will.

Ford has decided not to offer the Focus wagon over here. Same thing with GM and the Cruze wagon.
So I don’t think Hyundai will do it either. Too bad…

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  1. It really is too bad.. how hard could it be to federalize it for sale if they already did so for the GT hatch? It would be nice to see a manufacturer offer a full line of bodystyles for their vehicle for once.

  2. It seems like the most successful wagons in the states are AWD (Subaru, Volvo, BMW, Audi), so perhaps this Elantra would sell if it were also AWD. If it's only FWD, then maybe Hyundai is smart not to sell it in the US.

  3. Far and away the most attractive of the Elantra models. Given the limited success of the Elantra Touring I would doubt will see this over here.

  4. Would selling a wagon in the U.S. really cut into the SUV market? I think not. I would take a wagon over a big tired expensive to maintain truck that is trying to pass as an eco friendly family vehicle.

  5. The Elantra Touring (i30 CW) sells plenty! I see them all over. I'd take this over the hatch any day. I would NOT want a Tuscon over this (nor did I ever want one). I really hope they don't pull a Ford and GM. At least they have the coupe which GM is STILL lacking.

  6. I agree with the previous comment about the better balanced proportions of this wagon version of the regular 5-door hatchback version. I'm not a wagon fan, but I think this looks nice. If Hyundai would offer it in the US market, I would definitely consider it.

  7. looks good, bring it to the U.S.A. add the turbo from the Veloster, AWD and give it a "Outback style variant" & they will have another winner.

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