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The big Kia is out. Almost.
At least showing itself a bit more every day it seems.
On this picture, you can really tell it is related to the Hyundai Genesis sedan.

Again, not for us.

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  1. k9 means dog….i know that 's the obvious comment. But I mean it will sell poorly. People that are in the higher end category need to tie their aquisition to a respected, proven name….Infiniti, Lexus, BMW etc, not kia or hooday. I'm just sayin"

  2. Your on the ridiculous side of silly! Every vehicles has a market to sell to! Maybe you are the market they are after? It'll be a very well appointed car with tons of luxury features and sell for thousands less! Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder! If your not a fan that's cool! But the Korean brands are taking over the automotive landscape!

  3. No my weak simple feeble friend, these cars are to be sold at the price of Maxima, g37, u know , real cars…..u can get one, but u will be in the minority, this will not sell….period!

  4. The person who drives this knockoff BMW will also wear a fake Rolex and carry a fake Gucci bag. It looks good, but that's because it's a proven design that BMW offered first. I really like the Kia Optima, so I know that they know how to build a good car. But this is a loser car for poseurs.

  5. Too bad they didn't follow through and just build the GT concept.. this is way too conservative (and way too similar to the Genesis) to make an impact in that crowded, image-obsessed market segment.

  6. Funny, weren't Infiniti and Lexus trying to make a name for themselves a little over 20 years ago? Now they are mentioned as another one of the "Top Dogs" (pun intended).

    Lexus came into it's own while Infinity struggled a bit longer until they truly broke ground. Both were laughing stocks compared to BMW and Mercedes. Look at where they are now!

    Who's to say where Kia/Hyundai will be in 10-15 years. The quality is 80% there, the reliability surpasses the Germans, and the price undercuts ALL.

    The cycle will start all over again with the introduction of Chinese cars to North America. Because of more strict regulations over time, it's the hardest for them at the current time. The bar is always raised!

    If you had to choose between a first gen Hyundai Excel or a current Chery A3, I think the choice is obvious.

    – FusioptimaSX

  7. BMW front end grafted to a Lexus rear end. Voila! You have a Kia.

    And of course it won't sell in the US if they don't even plan on selling it in the US. 🙂

    It may not sell in huge numbers right off the bat, but that is typical for most new luxury car lines. I bet it sells better than the Maybach!

  8. the difference, my Kia representative friend is that Nissan and Toyota were highly respected , quality brands, and their luxury brands were and are sold through separate dealerships. This unforunately has NO chance…sorry…..vw Phaeton of this year!

  9. Ive seen a picture of the engine in this car. I notice that on top of the engine cover it says "GDI".
    Does that stand for "Guaranteed Dealer Income"?

  10. Nissan and Toyota werent' respected at first, hence the need to invent the Lexus and Infiniti names in America to begin with.

    The car really isn't that BMWish, people! And Hyundai seems to be moving the Genesis just fine, so why can't Kia move this at the same clip? It looks waaaaaaaay better than the Amanti and its sister Optima is a peach of a car.

  11. Shill Brother,

    What are you talking about? Nissan and Toyota were respected brands decades before the launch of their luxury brands. Lexus, and arguably Infiniti, successfully launched in the late 80s after Nissan and Toyota had gained a reputation for quality. Hyundai has been considered a "not shitty" brand since about a week ago. Kia has not reached the "not shitty" level yet.

    And in spite of what you say, the Genesis is not selling like hotcakes.

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