More 2013 Nissan Pathfinder pictures

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The interior seems OK. Nothing new.
If wood is your thing you’ll love it. Although another finish might be available in other trims.

This doesn’t seem to stand out in any way. Maybe that’s enough for most people.

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  1. To "Stand out" is good when it's for being a good looking car, but previous pathfinder stood out for being ugly. This is allot better

  2. Looks be damned, I liked Pathfinders for being capable off-roaders. The SUV segment wants to be family-oriented "crossovers" now so the true reasons for them existing is giving way to third-row seats, front-drive, and "car-like characteristics" (read: behaving like a minivan that behaves like a family sedan). Just more garden variety people-movers…which in that case would be negligible if they looked good.

  3. "Anonymous said…
    The Infiniti JX will have a hard time convincing a higher price for the same vehicle….

    February 9, 2012 5:22 PM"

    They even have the exact same passenger side vent.

    This has meh written all over it.

  4. The "concept" shown in Detroit photographs much better than it looks in person. On the show floor it looked like the vehicle is bent just ahead of the A pillar. Very awkward looking. Not attractive.

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