More pictures of the new VW Up! 4 door

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This will be very popular in Europe.
And I think there is room in the US for a smaller/cheaper VW than the Jetta.
Since they won’t send the Polo over here, why not this?

I really think there would be a market for a $12 000 VW in the US.
Which means a loaded one could still be priced right under the Jetta.

If they really want to sell 10 billion cars a year over here, they’d better explore more segments of the market.
It would be such a nice alternative to the dreadful Versa….

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  1. Yeah, they should bring a TDI over & blow the Smart FourTwo & Scion iQ out of the water, but it would cost more than $12,00.00.

  2. The rear window glass does not go down in this car. A big disappointment for a 2012 car. Hey WV we are not in the 60s!!!!

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