New Toyota Prius C/Aqua: Already a hit

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Toyota has announced it already has 120 000 orders for the all new Prius Aqua, in January alone. The Aqua is the Japanese version of our 2013 Prius C.
This is much more than they even expected.
Which could produce delay for the US launch due in March.

Good news for them.
We’ll have to see it it turns out to be this big of a hit in the US as well.

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  1. I have a feeling it will be a big hit in the US.. mainly because it is everything the Insight should have been, but isn't. If Honda had just Hybridized the Fit a few years back instead of creating an longer, heavier, way too derivative body on the same chassis they probably would have been flying out the door.

  2. Yeah I agree with that. I hope this tells Honda just how off target they are in the hybrid game. Look at the reason they lost that small claims court case in CA if you want to know why no one wants a Honda hybrid – they underperform and the designs are terrible. Look at their regular designs too – Its like they're TRYING to tank the company.

  3. IT WILL FLY OFF LOTS the minute gas gets back into $4 a gallon. Simply because it's a Toyota.

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