Nissan Invitation Concept

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Looking pretty much production ready.
Which means it could be replacing the Nissan Note in Europe.

Not sure this would fit in the US line up. Where we already have the Versa.
So it’s probably not for us…

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  1. when's Nissan going to get off its hole and introduce the Versa 5dr already?

    this car: nice. but IMITATION not INVITATION

  2. this is gonna be the versa tiida hatch that will sold worldwide.. this has the old versa shape blended nicely with the old note as well.. I definitely see this as being a world car and not a euro only. The versa hatch will be a more premium product against the versa sedan..Hopefully very few changes and this goes to market.. Desirability is what is needed now for nissan!

  3. This is what the Versa should have looked like instead of the ugly POS they gave us. Unfortunately like all Nissans, this will probably look old by the time it reaches production

  4. Finally, a small Nissan that doesn't look like it was designed for the rutted roads of the third world. This looks like a spaceship compared to the Versa or Sentra. I like the design of this.

  5. Wow, that's straight up a copy of the Honda Fit with the greenhouse from the CR-V.

    That's a disgrace for Nissan. They aren't a Chinese manufacturer, they are a Tier 1 automaker.


  6. Wrong logo on this car. This is really the new, and better looking, Honda Fit.

    I wish.

    But at least it isn't another weird effort like the Juke or the Versa.

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