Porsche Macan

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The small Porsche SUV won’t be called Cajun after all.

Looks like there will be no surprises here. The Audi Q5 based Porsche will look just like a smaller Cayenne.
Which, I guess, is just fine…

On sale next year.

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  1. I hate seeing concepts in the rendering phase. It's pointless. Are they going to produce a car that leaves contrails or has wheels with rubber band tires? No they are not.

  2. Ok… So take away the overly dramatic swept-back look and comically large wheels of this artist's rendering, and it just looks like a lightly smaller/squished Cayenne, which is to say – Nothing Special.

  3. So in the future when this is pulled over by a State Trooper will we say Macan, Bacon!!! Ha, I slay myself.

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