Some of the 2012 Super Bowl car ads.

Cute, funny, nostalgic, stupid, OK, unoriginal etc….
It takes all sorts.

Here are some of the car commercials for this year’s Super Bowl .
Many of them will be seen again in a shorter 30 second version later.

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  1. VW ad – Great up until the 45 second mark, then idiotic and pointless. Should have ended with the dog and just made the spot shorter.

    Acura – Unfunny and forced. Obviously paid through the nose for his participation. When the brand/celebrity connection is that unnatural, the concept wasn't executed well.

    Honda – Featuring a CRV instead of a Ferrari is essentially Ferris's childhood dreams shot to hell. It's a really depressing ad.

    Camry – "Reinvented curtains, they are made of pizza."
    Proof that Toyota fails miserably and is uncomfortable when they attempt to have a personality. Someone needs to be fired for making such a moronic ad spot. Is there a Prizm segment called "beavis and butthead" that they are trying to attract?

    Lexus – Whatever. Bland and unoriginal. Bathroom break material.

    Hyundai – Trying to be clever. Not clever. Still, cool car that's a worthy successor to the CRX that Honda can't seem to build or the VW Scirocco that they won't sell here.

    Cadillac – Very ballsy that they said "to take on the BMW 3 series." They would never have said that before. Made the point, and I actually kinda sorta believe it this time. Maybe.

    A7 – Cool spot. Feel a little bad for the vampires. But definitely the most clever car ad.

  2. There were 4 other cages/garages behind the GS at the end of the commercial…I wonder what that means.


  3. Favorite: Honda's Ferris take-off.
    2nd RunnerUp's: Caddy should have shown more car. Liked Audi too.
    The rest were pathetic.

    I agree, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is the CRX Honda should have made.

  4. OMG, the Ferris Bueller CRV ad is perfect! It literally changed how I view that crappy butchy little excuse for an SUV. Loved it the most.

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