Some of the 2012 Super Bowl car ads.

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Cute, funny, nostalgic, stupid, OK, unoriginal etc….
It takes all sorts.

Here are some of the car commercials for this year’s Super Bowl .
Many of them will be seen again in a shorter 30 second version later.

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  1. VW ad – Great up until the 45 second mark, then idiotic and pointless. Should have ended with the dog and just made the spot shorter.

    Acura – Unfunny and forced. Obviously paid through the nose for his participation. When the brand/celebrity connection is that unnatural, the concept wasn't executed well.

    Honda – Featuring a CRV instead of a Ferrari is essentially Ferris's childhood dreams shot to hell. It's a really depressing ad.

    Camry – "Reinvented curtains, they are made of pizza."
    Proof that Toyota fails miserably and is uncomfortable when they attempt to have a personality. Someone needs to be fired for making such a moronic ad spot. Is there a Prizm segment called "beavis and butthead" that they are trying to attract?

    Lexus – Whatever. Bland and unoriginal. Bathroom break material.

    Hyundai – Trying to be clever. Not clever. Still, cool car that's a worthy successor to the CRX that Honda can't seem to build or the VW Scirocco that they won't sell here.

    Cadillac – Very ballsy that they said "to take on the BMW 3 series." They would never have said that before. Made the point, and I actually kinda sorta believe it this time. Maybe.

    A7 – Cool spot. Feel a little bad for the vampires. But definitely the most clever car ad.

  2. There were 4 other cages/garages behind the GS at the end of the commercial…I wonder what that means.


  3. Favorite: Honda's Ferris take-off.
    2nd RunnerUp's: Caddy should have shown more car. Liked Audi too.
    The rest were pathetic.

    I agree, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is the CRX Honda should have made.

  4. OMG, the Ferris Bueller CRV ad is perfect! It literally changed how I view that crappy butchy little excuse for an SUV. Loved it the most.

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