Tesla Model X video

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It is long and tedious. With a horrible sound quality.
It seems that it was shot on a bad phone.

BUT…. It pretty much shows us everything we want to know about Tesla’s new SUV/Crossover?Wagon thingy.
A pretty amazing car in so many ways.

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  1. I am not sure the rear doors are practical, except for show off wannabes at Starbucks or the valet service. I could not open these doors in my garage. But, wait, I could always buy a different house. Now that's an idea….

  2. Mobile phones just don't replace good camcorders yet especially the microphone.

    I can see how this rear door could be more practical but it's slow to open and just seems weird to use that in public. It's like coming out of a spaceship:-).

  3. Tesla needs to know that doors like that are just impractical and bound to fail with buyers. Nothing like opening a door and dumping all the rainwater in your lap. Get a clue, guys. (Geez, Californians!)

  4. Nice shape. Stupid doors. This is what I'd like to have, if it had an efficient gasoline engine in it, for around $35-40k which is exactly what Acura should be making instead of the Y2K s**t they've been pushing. Maybe Acura could have Tesla design their RDX for them since they obviously did a terrible (aka. Toyota looking) job on the 2013 RDX.

  5. People criticize Elan Musk, but he's out there doing what the other douchebag car companies wont. I say, keep going Tesla !

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