2013 Buick Enclave

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I have driven a couple of Enclaves in the past couple of years and liked them quite a bit.
But, like its cousins Traverse and Acadia, the interior is quite cheap for the price range.
It looks like the new interior for 2013 address most of these concerns.
Except, again, the wood trim. Unlike the super cheap and fake looking one in the 2013 Traverse, this one seems just plain weird.
A cross between wood and leopard print.

We’ll see how it looks in real life.

This is the current interior. Looking very busy when compared to the new one….

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  1. As long as they keep the fake wood, it's obvious that GM continues to cut corners. Where else are they trying to pull the wool over our eyes. This may be fine for geriatrics, but not for most people under the age of 60.

  2. I think on a whole that GM puts out the worst "wood" interiors, even the real wood in some Cadillacs looks really bad.

  3. Disappointing, Vince. It took Buick forever to update the interior and that's the best they can do? Does it finally have push-button start? Any exterior updates you're aware of? So far, I see no justification to shell out the additional bucks this thing will cost over the Traverse. Bad job, GM.

  4. I had planned on getting a new Enclave, in part because I loved all that wood and stainless trim. I don't care for this new one however. Looks cheaper — almost like a Mercury or base Lexus– with yards of vinyl dash and a smidgen of wood trim. So now I'm thinking BMW X5 (with a wide path of wood trim running the entire width of the dash. It's a bit less SUV–for a bit more money. But I LOVE my wood trim.

  5. Ew, no thanks.

    Their simulated wood is atrociously bad.

    I'd rather have a MKT, loaded Explorer, or a MDX over this thing.

  6. "I had planned on getting a new Enclave, in part because I loved all that wood and stainless trim."

    You do realize that in a Buick, it's not really wood or chrome, but plastic wood and metallic adhesive. In a BMW it is all real. Until Buick cuts it out with the corner cutting, they aren't going to be a real luxury brand.

  7. On the upside, this design does look a bit less busy. IMO it would look fabulous if they replaced the faux wood with a piano black finish.

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